‘Get the hell out of the way:’ De Blasio to Cuomo

New York City residents may be the latest Covid-19 victims in the war between Albany and City Hall.

On Monday night, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “We’ll keep going, but Gov. Cuomo should do everyone a favor and get the hell out of the way because it’s just not going to make it any better for him to stick around.”

“And I look forward to a governor I can work with in the future,” he added.

Earlier in the day Cuomo — appearing at a pep rally at SUNY Old Westbury campus — listed “fixing” New York City with its crime and homelessness problems as being a top priority going forward.

Cuomo continued Monday with calling in all favors at the rally. While not taking questions again from reporters, the governor listened as local Democratic partisans extolled his virtues.

Here’s a question, which pol will have the next press conference? Cuomo or President Joe Biden, who has not had one since entering The White House.

This pissing match will certainly grow with both sides throwing more barbs the longer Cuomo remains in office. Will it be used to show vaccine delivery is being withheld? That could come later this week as de Blasio has already accused Cuomo’s Covid-19 czar of making support calls recently.

Another question is how is it that the National Governors Association still has Cuomo as its chairman? In this role he leads the weekly Covid-19 response call with the Biden Administration.

Surely, after revelations of thousands of additional Covid-19 nursing home deaths were made public by NYS Attorney General Letitia James report as well as a Justice Department probe, this would preclude Cuomo from any national leadership position.


2 thoughts on “‘Get the hell out of the way:’ De Blasio to Cuomo

  1. I guess it all depends upon which set of “rules” each one is playing by!! 😉 The Double Standard Group has been in power so long they don’t seem to realize the Game has changed.

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