New York still can’t get ahead of CoVid-19 deaths, new infections

It’s downright hypercritical that Mayor Bill de Blasio talks daily about how NYC has vaccinated more people than Kentucky or any other state, yet the state still leads the nation in new infections and deaths from CoVid-19.

De Blasio never cites how many NYC citizens died from the virus, which should be the most important statistic now given the vaccination is supposed to curtail dire results from CoVid-19 infections.

New York state accounted for 12 percent of the nation’s new infections last week without either Gov. Andrew Cuomo or de Blasio mentioning a word about the growing spike. Both did marvel at the wonderful job the Biden administration was doing to increase vaccine allocations however.

While Cuomo holds occasional partisan rallies at minority churches to escape media questions about his various scandals, the death and new infection numbers rise. Perhaps these numbers are a reflection of the populace not trusting him instead of his year-long rant on not relying on former President Donald Trump and his rapid vaccine development program.

In the most recent period between March 21 and March 28, New York state recorded 596 deaths, a 27 percent increase from the week prior, according to Reuters numbers.

After a year of lock downs New York still cannot prove any of these draconian measures have curtailed CoVid-19 infections or deaths. I would suggest that Cuomo and de Blasio are more to blame for this than any lab in Wuhan, China.


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