Maxine Waters call to arms in Minnesota

Can someone please explain to me how it is appropriate for California Congresswoman Maxine Waters to be out in the streets of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota over the weekend advocating for violence in the wake of the Derek Chauvin murder trial?

“We’ve got to stay on the street and we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business,” Waters told a crowd of protesters in Brooklyn Center on Saturday.

Waters, 82, was joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson in the nightly protests over the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright by a police officer last week.

The Democratic representative has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes due process in the Chauvin trial. The jurors in that trial have surely heard her call to arms if an innocent verdict is found.

“We have to let people know that we are not going to be satisfied unless we get justice in these cases.” Waters added referencing the George Floyd and Wright cases.

Monday the jury will begin deliberations in the Chauvin trial after closing arguments.

On Sunday some Republicans also questioned Waters motive of showing up in Minnesota.

“Democrats actively encouraging riots & violence. They want to tear us apart,” Sen. Ted Cruz posted on Twitter.

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado tweeted, “Why is Maxine Waters traveling to a different state trying to incite a riot? What good can come from this?”

This is not the first time Waters has called for questionable actions by her supporters. The Democrat asked in a speech in 2019 for people to get in the faces and confront any Trump administration officials they saw in public.


2 thoughts on “Maxine Waters call to arms in Minnesota

  1. We need more elected officials like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who have The Balls to start questioning these old school commies who are trying to take this Country down from the inside!!
    Our “being nice” & “turning the other cheek” has allowed the Bad Apples to take over the barrel!!

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is DOING something about all this, trying to educate people as to HOW to take back our country. We need to support him!! Because of the voting machines we do not have him in the Senate, where he should be!!

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