US needs time for perspective right now

The past couple of days I have been searching for the PAUSE button for America.

Where we are headed cannot be the direction that will result in America being a better place a year from now.

When you have Washington DC politicians threatening jurors in the George Floyd trial.

Then you have NBA star LeBron James threatening a Columbus, Ohio police officer on Twitter over a shooting and killing Ma’Khia Bryant, saying, “YOU’RE NEXT” and then deleted the post 20 minutes later when it was pointed out that Bryant was about to stab another young woman.

Also you have the Norfolk, Virginia police department fires Lt. William K. Kelly after he donated $25 to Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense. Evidentially Lt. Kelly lost his First Amendment rights when he signed up for the job.

All these events cited above happen since Tuesday. They were not the top stories, but sensational sidebars to main news articles.

There is of course no PAUSE button to hit. Just the same as there is no REWIND button as well. However, I’m very happy there is no FAST FORWARD button, because we need to take some time for perspective these days.


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