Chauvin’s trial was a misjudgement for US legal system

Does it come as a surprise that Derek Chauvin was convicted on second-degree murder, third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after only 10 and half hours of deliberations?

The jurors in the trial of George Floyd murder trial — consisted of three black men, one black woman, two white men, four white women, and two women who identify as interracial — had to run the gauntlet of boarded up storefronts and heavy National Guard presence in Minneapolis as they made their way to the courthouse each day because Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill refused to sequester the jurors.

One juror lived in Brooklyn Center, where riots have been a daily occurrence since the police shooting of Daunte Wright last week.

Democratic politicians from Congresswoman Maxine Waters to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to President Joe Biden all needed to add their comments on the case before the verdict was even rendered.

Also remember that just while the jury was being seated, the city of Minneapolis settled a $27 million civil wrongful death lawsuit with Floyd’s family.

All this represents jury tampering in my eyes. I’m not saying that Chauvin should have been found innocent, no I’m just saying he was not given any type of an unbiased trial.

Yes Chauvin will have multiple grounds for appeal as mentioned by Judge Cahill during the trial, but Judge Cahill also took away his bail, which puts him in jail while he awaits sentencing two months from now and then can appeal the verdict.

I’m sorry, there is nothing good about this case in my eyes. The American legal system took it on the chin and for that no one should be proud.


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