My own ’60’s revolution

On a personal note, I always considered myself a child of the sixties. Loved the music and the counter culture. Well as of today I am now officially a child IN his sixties.

Just as that decade saw revolutions in many ways, I’ve also experienced drastic changes in my life recently. From The Beatles to Woodstock and everything in between I too have experienced so much change mostly for the better, I guess.

I no longer wear suits and ties for work, however I have not taken to wearing tie-dye just yet.

I do not have any reflections on the changes that occurred during the ’60’s when compared to the 1950’s, but the changes that have happen in the last two years have me very concerned.

Hippies did not riot like what is happening today. Maybe they took over a college administration building for a weekend, but they did not take over a city center for months stretching on nearly a year. They did not burn down federal courthouses of police stations.

The counter culture brought about change through music, dance, fashion and art. Not through violence and arson. No, I do not consider the song “WAP” as being a modern version of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s song “Ohio”.

So as a someone who is still a generation younger than President Biden, I would suggest the “woke” crowd should take a look at history for a better playbook to affect change.

So here’s my only birthday wish: After this decade, I hope my seventies are not as mellow or followed by disco. LOL

Thanks for allowing me to shake my fist and say, “Get off my lawn.” LOL


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