Biden’s back to the Carter future

Can you see the irony of the photo of President Biden and his wife Jill visiting former President Carter and his wife Rosalynn that was widely distributed last week?

Well truth be told the caption should have been: Back to the future.

The Biden administration is facing most of the worse conditions America had after The Bicentennial when the Carters were in the White House.

What economic problems are rearing their ugly heads now? Well Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin and Fed chief Jerome Powell see no problems with the economy as stocks continue to fall from their all-time highs.

Price inflation is soaring as The White House pushes for trillions in spending on “infrastructure projects” that have nothing to do with roads, bridges nor tunnels. Both Powell and Yellin both have stated there is no reason to raise Fed Fund Rate.

The unemployment rate is climbing as continuing enhanced jobless benefits are higher than minimum wage earners bring home, which is inflationary as well.

And here’s the one no one ever wanted to see again: Miles-long fuel lines resulting from the Biden administration’s hands-off policy of solving the massive cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

Can we be that far away that we will not see violence in the Middle East? Too late it is already happening.

Let’s hope no US embassy is taken over and the rebels hold Americans hostages for years.

While Carter was a peanut farmer, Biden has his Corn Pop. But that is not where the similarities end. No, in the best of all worlds, they will also be one-term presidents.


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