Cuomo: Follow me, not the science

Governor Andrew Cuomo has told New Yorkers for over a year to follow the science. But now he won’t follow the new Centers for Disease Control’s new rule on vaccinated people no needing a mask.

This is not the first time during this pandemic that Cuomo along with Health Commissioner Howard Zucker did not follow the science. Thousands of elderly New Yorkers died when these two put infected patients back in nursing homes in 2020.

Cuomo also doubted the vaccines when they first came out, saying he did not trust President Donald Trump’s “Warp Speed” program to streamline efforts to develop the jab. Cuomo’s words then surely contributed to the hesitancy of many people getting the shots in their arms.

No Cuomo knows that mask wearing is the left’s version of the MAGA hat. It is a sign of unity, which I really don’t understand.

I believe Cuomo along with other Democratic governors like Phil Murphy of New Jersey and Gavin Newsome of California are using mask mandates as a way of physically controlling their citizens. This despite President Joe Biden saying last week that a new day is dawning where face diapers are no longer needed for the vaccinated population.

The left is so unified on mask wearing that even Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio agree on this, despite the two being mortal enemies on most things Covid related.

I understand that there will be a small part of the population that will continue wearing masks for a while, however Cuomo has to give up his draconian rules for the more than 40% of New Yorkers that have taken the shots and want to get back to living without the face diaper.


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