Is NY going back to a lockdown?

I get the sense here in New York that more draconian measures will soon be announced for dealing with the uptick in hospitalizations for CoVid-19 and its variant.

While both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio have already mandated that civil employees must either get the vaccine or be tested weekly, I believe indoor mask wearing — even if you got the jab — will return.

We could also see further indoor distancing standards in restaurants and other establishments.

Both New York Democrats cite reduced vaccination rates as the driver for the increasing cases.

Researching the New York City area’s vaccination rate levels reveals that the early fear mongering both de Blasio and Cuomo gave people about “Trump’s Vaccine” seems to have worked since the lowest vaccination areas are in minority areas in The Bronx, Brooklyn and southern Queens.

The same trend appears in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

So after some18 months of economic hardship are de Blasio and Cuomo going to take us back to the dark ages?

Well Cuomo no longer has his executive order, so he cannot unilaterally tell the state what to do. However, de Blasio can mandate things in the city now.

It would be a huge setback for Gotham. Corporations looking to bring employees back to the office after Labor Day would have to cancel those plans. Leaving what is left of the Midtown Manhattan eateries to suffer further losses.

Look in the coming days for more mandates for all instead of working in the minority zip codes to get more people to get the jab.


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