NYC can’t shutdown again and survive

After writing on Thursday that New York may be looking to shut down again, all the media today are following my lead.

Certainly there will be an announcement on Monday by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio that masks will be required indoors for all whether you are vaccinated or not. This new mandate — going off of new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s flip-flop rules — will hamstring Manhattan’s alleged recovery.

Businesses that thought they will bring employees back to the office after Labor Day will have to scrap those plans because of new social distancing rules as well.

Let’s also cite that the new CDC advisory on masks and distancing comes from a highly skeptical study in India, which does not administer the same vaccines as here in America. They use the AstraZeneca jab, which is not accredited to use here.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden — echoing de Blasio’s earlier mandate — ordered all federal employees to either be vaccinated or face weekly testing. Biden also said he was in favor of paying people for taking the shot like we are doing here in New York.

The demographics in New York tell us that the least vaccinated zip codes with the most new cases center around poorer minority neighborhoods. Traditionally these areas are Democratic strongholds.

If you want to see these neighborhoods get vaccinated, then you need to say, “Get vaccinated or face weekly testing or you lose all your government benefits.” That will bring these neighborhoods up to the city’s roughly 70% vaccinated rate and certainly reduce the hospitalization rate.

You can’t shut down the city again with draconian rules because it may never comeback to life.


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