Teachers’ union schooling de Blasio

Many of my readers will know that I deplore the teachers’ unions for their stance on education reforms. I don’t hate teachers, but their union’s positions on public funding and school choice have done little for minority communities for the last few decades.

So this brings me to the latest union contest between the United Federation of Teachers and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio over his mask mandate.

The Mayor’s position is that any school employee not vaccinated with at least one jab by Sept. 27 will be fired according to teachers union chief Michael Mulgrew.

“Our impact negotiations with the city have gone to a very bad place,” Mulgrew said after a meeting with his members. “It’s clear that the two sides are very very far apart when it comes to this vaccine mandate.”

Mulgrew cited the lack of religious and medical accommodations for members. “The city’s position is to remove them from payroll.” the union chief said. “That is disgusting as far as I’m concerned. And it does not follow the law. The law says that these accommodations and exemptions have to be in place.”

Mulgrew suggested that his members along with many other city unions will now seek arbitration after talks broke down.

Personally, I do not believe in masked mandates or lock downs.

If you wish to wear a mask that is your right. But you have no right to force me to wear a mask. You do you.

If wearing a mask is a condition to go into a store, then I have a right to go elsewhere to shop or eat. If I have to produce a vaccination proof with my ID in order to work or shop, then that is a whole other personal intrusion by government I strongly disagree with.

Besides de Blasio and other Democrats were leading the chorus in screaming last year over the new laws being enacted requiring a voter to produce an ID.


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