NYC vaxx mandate is not a good lesson for the children

Little more than a year ago they were called heroes. We banged pots and pans for them nightly. Now New York is calling them zeroes.

I’m speaking of the doctors, nurses and teachers who kept a sliver of normalcy during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now they are all being cast aside if they are using “the science” to say they have greater immunity from having had the virus and do not wish to be vaccinated.

On Monday NYC’s Department of Education is looking for nearly 6,000 substitute teachers and classroom aides, who work with special education and disabled students, to fill the gaps left by full-time teachers not getting the jab.

All of this of course is a further disruption to the children who suffered through more than a year of not being in school only to return to the buildings now and having to wear a mask.

Many here know I am no fan of the teacher’s union, but I do admire the teachers themselves for all the positive interactions they have with children on a daily basis.

What is the lesson we are teaching children with this vaccine mandate? Well big government is taking your teacher away because he or she will not fall in line with the government diktats.

So much for freedom of speech and thoughts.

I am still scratching my head to the fact that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and lower federal courts refused to hear the case against vaccine mandates.

How is the edict not a violation of our constitutional rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness if you can lose your career over not getting vaxxed?

I do not believe this is a life lesson we want to show the children of this city.


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