Are NYPD, FDNY up next on di Blasio’s mandate enforcement?

NYC Mayor Bill di Blasio ballyhooed his vaccine mandate at Monday’s City Hall press briefing with the urging of federal authorities to follow his lead.

The mayor said his mandate has won in court at both at state and federal levels including The Supreme Court, which is astounding to me as I wrote on Monday.

As more than 6,000 Department of Education teachers and aides have been furloughed by the mandate, it is believed di Blasio will turn his sights on other city agencies like NYPD and FDNY.

Let’s look at the science, with the number of breakthrough cases being reported by the feds, I do not believe the jab can still be called a vaccine. It is perhaps a somewhat effective therapeutic, much like other drugs that cannot be mention on social media.

If you call the jab a therapeutic, then you cannot mandate it, so the thinking goes.

Certainly it offers less immunity than having antibodies, according to a study out of Israel. However, antibodies from having CoVid are not even considered under the mandate. Don’t see how you can even use the phrase “follow the science” if you are not considering natural immunity.

The mayor also cited that the city has spent $25 million on incentives to get 250,000 New Yorkers vaccinated. Hispanic communities, according to di Blasio, took the city up on the offer is large numbers. However, it appears the Black community, which was hard hit early on in the pandemic, still has hesitancy. Perhaps Democrats both local and federal — including di Blasio, disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo and Veep Kamala Harris should not have come out so strong against the jab when it was announced by former President Donald Trump.

Truly the Dems actions and words caused great harm in Black communities and “following the science” it continues to this day.


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