NYC vaxx mandate coming today

Mayor Bill di Blasio is expected to announce Wednesday that all 300,000 New York City employees need to have their first vaxx shot by Nov. 1 or be furloughed.

Currently 83% of those workers have been jabbed, leaving thousands of others complying with the current rule of being tested weekly.

Among Police and Firefighters the percentage of vaxxed workers is much lower. NYPD has 69 percent vcxx rate among its 55,000 cops. The FDNY vcxx rate is only 59%.

As many of you know the idea of a vaccine mandate chafes me because that decision should be made between the patient and his or her doctor. The state should never be in that decision.

The fact that di Blasio wants to take away the checks of working New Yorkers also seems unjust since we counted on them during the pandemic when many others stayed home.

My big question — one di Blasio has often asked in other circumstances — is where is the equality? If you want to take the livelihood of first responders, then what about the vaccination rate for people getting government benefits?

Surely that is where the real problem lies with vaxx rates below 40%.

No that population got rewards for getting the jab, with concerts, $100 debit card and other enticements.

So you take the check from city workers, while ignoring those on the government dole. That seems to me to be the opposite of equality.


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