De Blasio’s triple bogey on ousting Trump

Mayor Bill de Blasio may be teed off at former President Donald Trump but it may cost the city more than $30 million to throw him out of the golf club, according to a new report.

“This president has committed an unlawful act, he has disgraced himself, he will no longer profit from his relationship with New York City,” the mayor said soon after the Jan. 6 demonstration at the Capitol Building.

So de Blasio canceled Trump Organization’s contracts to run the historic Central Park carousel, along with the Wollman and Lasker skating rinks in the park, and the Trump Ferry Point Golf Course in The Bronx. 

While canceling the operations in Central Park resulted in closing those attractions because of the city’s ineptitude, the golf course is the main sticking point.

In a lawsuit against the city the Trump Organization claims it’s entitled to more than $30 million in reimbursements if the contract is broken.

“I invested many millions of dollars, all cash, in this project in order to get it done, which I did, starting from scratch, in record time,” Trump recently said.

“Now under Mayor de Blasio, he wants to CONFISCATE the project from me for no reason whatsoever and terminate my long-term arrangement with the city,” Trump added.

“New York is being overrun by crime and homelessness, and people are fleeing in record numbers, yet this mayor’s focus is using $30 million of taxpayer money to settle political scores,” Eric Trump said.

“I’m just learning of this and have to look at that and find out exactly what this is about,” Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams told The New York Post on this issue.

So if de Blasio wants to play through with this plan then it could cost the city more than $30 million and that is something even Comptroller Scott Stringer thinks is too much.


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