First responders fighting de Blasio’s vaxx mandate

New York City saw a two-prong attack on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaxx mandate for city workers on Monday.

The mandate — covering among others: NYPD, FDNY, EMS, Sanitation — requires proof of the jab by Friday or be placed on unpaid leave. The new initiative replaces the “vax or test” policy, which required unvaccinated workers to be tested weekly for COVID-19.

NYPD’s largest union — the PBA — filed suit on Monday in Staten Island Supreme Court while reportedly 5,000 protestors marched across the Brooklyn Bridge heading for City Hall.

The PBA suit alleges that the “vax or test” policy was working since there have been no widespread outbreaks since in onset.

“To the contrary, all evidence establishes that the [“vax or test”] policy has proven effective, and it has struck the appropriate balance between encouraging vaccination and respecting the medical autonomy of the NYPD officers.”

President Patrick Lynch in a letter to union members said the PBA was also seeking a temporary restraining order from the court to halt de Blasio’s mandate while litigation is pending.

The vaccination rate among the city’s workforce stood at about 83%, according to the latest numbers. The NYPD vaxx rate is at 72% for its 55,000 cops and civilian members.

Since the city now wants to attack the livelihood of its first responders by taking their pay away, when will the de Blasio require all people receiving a check for public services or housing to take the jab or lose their benefits?

These are the communities that are woefully under-vaxxed rate for the city and yet are reportedly the most impacted by the pandemic.


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