The right fights back on social media

Silicon Valley’s cancel culture has divided the nation by taking out many conservative voices — including this blog — for many years.

Well, now the alternative voices are striking back as Rumble, a free speech video platform and Locals, a content subscription service, are joining forces to combat the silencing of voices on the right.

Just like former President Donald Trump’s announcement about the launch of Truth Social recently, the right is building its own digital platform to fight back against Google, Facebook and Twitter.

“Cancel culture is the obvious reason we’re starting this,” said conservative podcast host Dan Bongino, who helped broker the deal between the two platforms. “I thank the cancel culture folks because they’re incentivizing this and the next generation of creators to bypass the middleman of Big Tech platforms and streaming services.”

Both Rumble and Locals have content moderation policies banning the incitement of violence, illegal content, racism, antisemitism, terrorist groups, and copyright violations, the services pledge not to policy online conversations on politically controversial subjects, such as vaccine efficacy, the origins of COVID-19, and transgender identities.

“Something is not right with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, and we all know that, which is why it’s so important to build a parallel network,” Dave Rubin, the founder of Locals and a prominent conservative commentator, said. “Companies standing up for free speech are so needed right now.”

Gray’s Economy will be setting up a site on Locals and I will let my subscribers know all the details in the coming days. This will combat the demonetization I have been hit with from WordPress and the banning of this site’s Twitter feed.


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