NYC vaxx mandate may cost lives

The numbers don’t lie.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaxx mandate for city employees will have dire effects across New York City.

Nearly 1 in 5 FDNY houses and EMS offices may be closed due to staff shortages as the mandate is scheduled to go in effect midnight Monday morning.

The FDNY reported that just 65% of its firefighters and EMS workers had been vaccinated as of Wednesday. Leading one firefighter to tell The New York Post that “people will die in this city,” as a result of the mayor’s actions.

The numbers do not get much better when it comes to the NYPD.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea suggested Wednesday that 75% of the NYPD had been vaccinated, which includes 63% of street cops, leaving roughly 6,000 officers still unvaccinated.

Here in northeast Queens and many other areas of the city we are already seeing the first repercussions of the vaxx mandate. Garbage pickup has been delayed sometimes days because of staff shortages.

Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Lizette Colon on Wednesday turned down NYPD’s largest union request to issue a temporary restraining order against the mandate.

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