Tuesday is a preview of Dems demise in 2022

Democrats are getting an early taste of what the 2022 midterm elections are going to look like for the party.

In the last day or so you can see that the country is moving fast to the right. Cases in point.

President Joe Biden cannot get any support for his multi-trillion dollar budget plan, even from his own party members.

Incumbent Democratic governors in New Jersey and Virginia are facing losses as voters see through their bogus campaigns.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly to be criminally charged with groping of a staff member in Albany.

Between outrageous Build Back Better spending, vaccine mandates and woke politics Democrats have lost their way with American voters.

If this Election Day holds true, then Democrats will get a true preview of what 2022 will look like. Republicans and Conservatives will take back Congress and even more state houses as voters will reject their far leftist agenda.

Look for a sea change next Wednesday after the Dems take it on the chin on Election Day. The far-left socialist plan will change dramatically as voters will tell the AOC-wing of the party to pull it back to the center.

You cannot survive an election when the conversation at the kitchen table is all about rising prices and the fact that the kids are being taught ideas you disagree with while you may also lose your job because you do not want to take a jab.

No, this Tuesday will show America wants to move to the center and if the left stands it ground 2022 will be a landslide for the right.


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