NYC is being mandated for destruction by de Blasio

New York City is teetering towards a fall as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate takes effect Monday.

As of now the city will lose more than 24,000 workers to the mandate. That includes, roughly, more than 8,000 members of the NYPD, 3,700 FDNY employees and almost 2,000 sanitation workers, according to City Hall.

Over the weekend 26 firehouses were shuttered due to the lack of personnel to work. More than 700 cops on non-patrol assignments are being deployed to city streets to desperately help with crime.

The mayor will probably take to the airwaves on Monday and proudly proclaim that 91% of city employees are vaccinated without ever mentioning herd immunity. He will also slap himself on the back for his tough stance against natural immunity for many of the unvaccinated first responders as if he knows better.

Meanwhile out on Long Island, Suffolk County is announcing on Monday the hiring of more than 700 police officers, many of which will probably be former NYPD officers. Suffolk County does not have a vaccine mandate.

Starting salaries for both NYPD and Suffolk cops is $42,000 — but while city officers max out at $86,000 annually, Suffolk cops’ wages nearly double, to $155,600, after 11.5 years of service.

New York City will have a very difficult time surviving the remainder of de Blasio’s term since he has become the new Andrew Cuomo.


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