Country takes huge step to right on Election Day

Joe Biden’s White House must be sweating bullets this morning as Republicans scored a major victory in Virginia’s governor race with Glenn Youngkin beating out former governor Terry McAuliffe.

In New Jersey’s statewide race Democrat incumbent Phil Murphy and Republican nominee Jack Ciatarelli race is a too close to call for governor.

Of course McAuliffe is not conceding the race despite being down more than 100,000 votes with a vast majority of precincts reporting. Not surprising since McAuliffe brought in Stacey Abrams, who has still not conceded her lose in Georgia’s last governor’s race, to help the campaign in the final days.

In New York City’s City Council races four Republicans won in previously Democrat-held districts, including my own. So let me congratulate Vickie Paladino for her win.

So where does the ultra-progressive Democrat agenda stand? Pretty much like a two-legged stool.

Voters across the nation voted down measures to defund police or change voting laws. On Long Island both Nassau and Suffolk counties elected Republican District Attorneys in landslide results.

Lastly, while Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa was swamped by Democrat Eric Adams in the mayor’s race, Adams is certainly a big move to the center from Bill de Blasio.


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