Supreme Court gunning for NYC’s strict gun-carry laws

Last week, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the constitutionality of New York’s strict gun-carry laws.

Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea have condemned the thought of having more legal firearms on the street.

Sorry, I do not agree.

Why should we have only criminals carrying illegal guns?

If these criminals thought for one second that there is the possibility of a citizen having a gun would they be less brave to take out a weapon in Times Square?

“Gun violence is something that certainly has hit us in the last two years –and not just New York but across the country — and we would argue the last thing we need is the infusion of additional guns into the streets of New York City,” Shea on Sunday.

Legal gun owners should not be a concern of NYPD. They know the rules and gun safety protocols to keep New Yorkers safe. It is the illegal guns that take lives and create mayhem in the city.

The NYPD Police Commissioner raised the issue of recent cases where innocent bystanders were hit by stray bullets as to why guns should be controlled. All those cases involved illegal guns wielded by criminals, who felt no threat that someone could or would stop them from deploying a weapon on the street.

“Let us deal with the criminals illegally carrying guns on the street, which is a tough enough job as it is these days, and not infuse extra guns on the streets of literally every neighborhood,” Shea said.

Never mind the constitutional argument behind what he is saying, Shea has this ass backwards. More legal guns in NYC means the criminals do not have free reign to deploy their weapons.

When was the last time a legal firearm was used in a crime? I believe it was an NYPD police officer killing a former lover. I may be mistaken, but legal guns do not usually commit crimes, if anything they thwart them.

The Supreme Court will not rule on the issue until probably June of next year when both de Blasio and Shea are long gone from office.


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