Dear diary, why did feds raid Project Veritas?

Jumping into a story that broke late last week, but now new details emerged.

The FBI on Thursday executed search warrants against Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and other reporters looking for further evidence of a “missing diary” belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley.

Project Veritas received the materials in the run up to the 2020 election around the same time as The New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story was being censored by social media.

O’Keefe said that they could not verify the legitimacy of the document — and did not publish anything about it. Project Veritas tried to return the document to Ashley Biden’s lawyers, who would not take it saying at the time it was not legitimate. So Project Veritas turned the materials over to federal law enforcement.

Depending on who you ask there appears to be damning materials on the Biden family — including President Biden — contained within the document that are along the same lines as Hunter’s laptop. It is reported that Ashley either left the document in a drug treatment center or it was allegedly stolen from the institution.

So the larger question is why is the FBI — under the orders of NYC federal prosecutors — raiding journalists offices and homes for a fake document that the journalist no longer even have in their possession?

I believe through these actions that the feds are confirming that the document is real and that Biden’s Justice department chief Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent order on “domestic terrorism” over parents at school board meetings falls under the same rubric.

The administration is using the FBI as a national police force to quell conservative voices whether it is parents questioning their children’s education or journalists raising issues that may not put the administration in the best light.

I’ll let the Project Veritas founder have the last word.

“It appears the Southern District of New York now has journalists in their sights for the supposed crime of doing their jobs lawfully and honestly,” O’Keefe said, referring to federal prosecutors in Manhattan. “Our efforts were the stuff of responsible, ethical journalism and we are in no doubt that Project Veritas acted properly at each and every step,” he added.


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