President Joe Biden’s last stand

It appears that President Joe Biden is being set up to leave office in the next three months or so.

With an approval rating with voters at an all-time low for any president in the modern era, Democrats are putting many unpopular decisions on his watch before a transfer of power in early 2022.

The most controversial measure is the vaccine mandate for private companies with more than 100 employees, which goes into effect after the new year, is being questioned by a federal court on its constitutionality is an example of what the democrats are pinning on him before his exit.

While the latest polling data shows that Biden — despite his latest moves — holds a 10 point lead in approval ratings over Veep Kamala Harris, democrats want to pin Biden with the most draconian measures before the midterm elections next year.

The thought is that Biden cannot help the party in the 2022 elections as witnessed last week when democratic candidates lost in key races despite Biden campaigning for them.

So strategists believe if they pin the most controversial programs on Biden before he leaves, then they can rehab Harris’ numbers well before the midterms in order to salvage the party.

I believe the Dems will give Biden roughly one year in the White House and soon after Christmas and New Years he will go back to Delaware for the weekend and not return to the White House.

What the Dems will say on the cause of the change is anyone’s guess, but I do not think it will be his cognitive decline. Because that will only re-enforce the narrative that the Dems hoodwinked the American people in the 2020 election.

The biggest decision will be who the party names as the new Veep. I believe they will not go with a Squad member given how much the Dems were beat up for their “wokeness” earlier this month.

However, I don’t think they will give the nod to Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has taken many bullets in the last two presidential election cycles from the party, only because the Dems need the Senate majority for a least a couple of months after this anticipated move.

Look for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to win the sweepstakes for all her years served. If there was any Dem operative who could broker a backroom deal it is Pelosi.

So, as I believe, look for President Joe Biden to be home after the holidays and then stay there.


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