Dem’s racist roads have us on a Highway to Hell

Ok, consider me lost on the road.

I thought earlier this week when Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg came out saying that roads are racist it was a joke.

Now I see many fellow democrats endorsing his strange call, including incoming NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

These pols are suggesting that the era of road building under former New Yorker infrastructure czar Robert Moses’ was racist by dividing neighborhoods or building parkway overpasses too low for buses.

New York State parkways have always had a ban on commercial traffic, so there was no need to have large overpasses. Federal expressways move the commercial traffic around the metro area and often follow next to parkways.

So to say roads are racist is not true because no matter the racial makeup of the truck or bus drivers they cannot be on a parkway.

Back to Adams’ comments. He wants to cap the Cross Bronx Expressway, which is a federal road — not controlled by Moses — and create a green space above.

“Yup. Racism is built into our infrastructure, and we need to confront and combat it. Capping the Cross Bronx Expressway is just the start!”, Adams tweeted.

I don’t disagree that this road is a scar on The Bronx, but it was not placed there as a racist move. It was laid there as a way to keep the ultra-busy I-95 highway continuing along the East Coast as it goes over the George Washington Bridge during President Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.

Speaking of which, the GW Bridge is not racist, but I remember a time when it was sexist as traffic reporters used to call the lower level of the bridge Martha. LOL.

The fact that any democrat can give an inanimate object — like a road — a racist motive tells me we are on a Highway to Hell.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all patriots. Thank you for your service.


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