Disgraced Cuomo handled staff but not CoVid very well

Disgraced ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo had hundreds of senior moments when he told independent investigators probing his sexual misconduct claims back in June “that he did not remember” or “he could not recall”.

Cuomo was grilled for 11 hours by outside investigators brought in by State Attorney General Letitia James after multiple female staffers came forward to make claims that the governor was inappropriate on many occasions.

In the 515-page transcript released Wednesday by James’ office Cuomo claimed more than 200 times that he could not recall any specific incidents cited by the investigators.

The revelations involving his amnesia came on the same day it was revealed during the sexual harassment probe that Cuomo barred his state health department from working closely with the New York City Health Department and other public health officials during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Dr. Elizabeth Dufort, the former medical director of the state’s office of epidemiology — who personally administered Cuomo’s first CoVid-19 swab test last year — made the bombshell claim while talking to sexual misconduct investigators.

Dufort alleges in her testimony that state health officials could not tell other health agencies what to do or how to do it during the height of the pandemic without prior approval from Cuomo’s office.

Dufort also had claims of sexual harassment with proof since it happen at one of Cuomo’s Emmy award winning press conferences.

“You make that gown look good,” Cuomo told Dufort — wearing personal protective equipment including face shield as she administered a CoVid-19 swab test to the governor.

Now you may understand why so many elderly New Yorkers died during the early days of the pandemic.


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