MSNBC wants to play judge and jury in Rittenhouse trial

Well it appears that leftist media cannot just remain on the sidelines in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

An MSNBC stringer and a producer have been exposed as trying to dox jurors in the trial as they left the courthouse. The freelancer was ticketed by Kenosha police for multiple traffic violations as he was trying to follow the bus carrying the jurors from the courthouse Wednesday night.

Judge Bruce Schroeder told the courtroom on Thursday of an incident regarding a man that identified himself as “James J. Morrison,” who was pulled over for going through a red light, and was following the secure jury bus from the courthouse.

Morrison was confirmed to be working with MSNBC producer producer Irene Byon.

Judge Schroeder has banned MSNBC from the court room because of the claim that MSNBC was trying to expose the names and addresses of jurors in the Rittenhouse case.

The New York-based producer, Byon, has nuked all her social media sites in the hopes of not being outed for her directions to the freelancer.

MSNBC — or as I call it MSDNC — has been so anti-Rittenhouse that it is a joke to call them an unbiased news operation. With show hosts like Joy Reid and Joe Scarborough pontificating that he was a “mass shooter” and a “vigilante” out to kill black people at a Black Lives Matter protest, It is no wonder that a young producer would try to dox jurors.

As I said Wednesday, I believe the jury will come back with a verdict today since they do not want to spend the weekend into Thanksgiving week still deliberating.

My guess is they will convict on a lesser charge, but not convict on any murder charge. It really is up to Judge Schroeder on how he metes out the verdict. He could throw out the verdict over prosecutor’s multiple violations of Rittenhouse’s constitutional rights during the trial.

Let’s see how that unfolds Friday.


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