NYC’s future is muddled with Adams’ CoVid primer

Happiness is seeing 2021 in the rear-view mirror.

This is coming from someone with a gas tank at 1/4 full, so that tells you how bad I saw the last year here in NYC.

Unfortunately on Thursday incoming mayor Eric Adams told New Yorkers he endorsed many of the draconian measures employed by outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio, who will go down as the worst mayor in history. That’s saying a lot given we have had Abe Beame and David Dinkins residing in Gracie Mansion.

Adams will keep many of de Blasio’s CoVid mandates in place and is looking to shut out unvaccinated children from attending schools. Showing New Yorkers how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

New York City needs its Republican emboldened council members to raise their voices and make City Hall accountable to all of its citizens. It’s time for the city to move from a progressive agenda catering to some and be accountable to all residents.

Stop beating up New York’s working class and make all citizens accountable whether its Covid vaccines or other social maladies affecting the city.

Given Adams one-page primer on Covid released on Thursday, I don’t see a different tact being employed. New York needs to have public conversations between differing parties and not the issuing of diktats coming from Gracie Mansion.

As I said it’s great to have 2021 in rear-view mirror, but I hope 2022 is not another car wreck.


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