Adams needs to back the blue

New York City Mayor Eric Adams now has five cops shot and two dead on his record before he even collects his second check in bitcoin.

At this rate Adams’ first term is not looking like he is a tough on crime candidate, which he professed during the election. It looks more like de Blasio administration 2.0.

Police officer Wilbert Mora succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday after struggling for four days in the hospital. His partner Jason Rivera died Friday night after a gun battle in Harlem.

My biggest problem with Adams is that he is looking to blame forces he has no control over. His pleas to Albany and Washington DC on illegal guns and bail reform ring hollow to me. Take control of what you can to stem the tide of violence.

But no instead I see a mayor acting like a frustrated kid throwing his hands in the air saying “no one will help me.” Take the reigns and demand that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg change his soft on prosecution stance. Tell everyone at 1 Police Plaza that you have their back.

Do this, all expect to be standing outside hospital emergency rooms in the middle of the night telling reporters “This violence against police officers has to end,” too many times this year.

I do agree with Adams that the NYPD should release the body cam footage of the shooting in Harlem that “executed” officers Rivera and Mora. It would be a powerful statement to the people of New York and elsewhere of just what the police are up against.

Like the George Floyd video it could be a scene that will change people’s mind about policing and put an end to progressive politicians pleas to defund the police.

“This was horrific to see how they were assassinated in that apartment,” Adams said. He added that he wants the families of the slain cops to approve its release before doing it.

My last gripe with Adams is his demand the NYPD officers live in the city as he stated on Tuesday. Really! That’s what you have to tell cops after all this?

It’s a clueless comment to be made during the mayhem of his first few weeks in office.

You may recall that Adams himself, while running for mayor and being the Brooklyn County President also had another apartment in New Jersey.

A residency requirement for cops and firefighters is ludacris right now. Perhaps if you can protect the cops better, then they may think about moving their families into the city.

Get you priorities in order Mr. Mayor. It’s time to back the blue or lose the city.

It really is that simple.


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