Zucker punch at CNN

How many people at CNN can be charged with inappropriate or criminal and civil charges before you realize the place is a breeding ground of contempt for everyday Americans?

Wednesday its chief Jeff Zucker exited after failing to admit he had a long time affair with another employee.

This comes on the heels of news show host Chris Cuomo being fired after his ethical breach of helping older brother and ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo navigate through sexual assault allegations.

There also was a top producer to Chris Cuomo, who was charged with pedophilia-related crimes.

And then there was fellow news show host Don Lemon, who is facing charges in a civil case of sexual abusing another man out in the Hamptons.

CNN’s legal commenter Jeffrey Toobin was fired from the New Yorker magazine, but only suspended from CNN after he was found masturbating on a Zoom conference call last year.

Zucker also presided over the rise of Matt Lauer at NBC’s “Today Show” when it was discovered that he had a button installed in his office that would lock the door when a woman came in to meet with him.

When it comes to CNN just like NBC before it, the fish rots from the head. And Jeff Zucker was the head.


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