Adams playing on “Murders’ Row” judging from 1st month’s stats

Mayor Eric Adams tough-on-crime stance has set a new record for lawlessness in the city, breaking most of the defunder-in-chief Bill de Blasio’s record-setting marks from last January.

As the city still mourns the cold-blooded killing of two NYPD officers, Jason Rivera, 22 and Wilbert Mora, 27, President Joe Biden came to town to bring a federal response to the illegal gun trade.

New York Democrats love to point to illegal guns as the cause for the soaring crime stats they have garnered. It profess it has nothing to do with lax prosecution by DAs and restricting police tactics used in the past successfully get guns off the street.

Well the biggest impact Biden had on NYC was to snarl Queens traffic all day. Perhaps that stopped a murder or gun robbery because the perp could not get to his victim, but needless to say Joe did not bring his A-game.

He showed he cared — barely — in a speech, but had no new initiatives, because the only way to stem the violence is to get tough on crime and that’s not what Democrats can say.

So let’s flip over Adams’ sports card and see his stats for the first month in office.

Overall, all major crime categories — rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and car thefts —are soaring with a 38.5% increase over de Blasio’s record setting pace last January.

NYC saw 100 shootings in January, which is up from last January’s 76 recorded shootings.

Grand larceny auto numbers were the highest ever for one month with 1,187 reports. That is about double the number recorded in recent years.

NYPD responded to 1,735 felony assaults in January that’s a 12% rise from 2021. They also recorded 4,047 grand larcenies, up from 2,559 last year.

It’s been a banner month for Adams. If he keeps putting numbers up like this then he will lose the city to criminals.

On a side note it seems new Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell is breaking with tradition since she has not publicly talked about the monthly CompStat numbers in her first month at 1PP. Ex-commish Dermot Shea would update the city each and every month during his tenure.

But then again that’s par for most Democrats. Ignore the numbers until they go your way.

Just like we are still waiting to hear when Biden can muster up enough cognitive energy to give the State of the Union speech.


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