Adams’ Apple choking on crime rise

NYC’s major crime continues to climb as Mayor Eric Adams enters his third month in office.

NYC has seen the latest crime wave surpass pre-pandemic levels with murders rising — as police brass cannot get its revamped anti-crime units out on the streets.

The five boros saw a nearly 20 percent rise in major crime in February — up to 9,138 from 7,657 in 2020. The increased crime numbers were driven by a doubling in car thefts and upticks in murders, robberies, felony assaults and burglaries, according to NYPD data.

Murder was up by about a third with 32 criminal deaths on the books last month compared to 22 two years ago, according to COMPstat.

The data shows all crime rising over pre-pandemic levels.

There were 1,083 stolen vehicles tallied, up from 470 in 2020, according to police data.

Both serious assaults and burglaries were up by more than 200 incidents in February compared to the same time in 2020 with NYPD recording 1,665 felony assaults, which was up from 1,478, and 1,186 burglaries, an increase from 961, according to police data. Robberies were up as well to 1,276 from 1,175.

Adams announcement last month of revamped anti-gun teams, dubbed Neighborhood Safety Teams, has been delayed from deployment with no definitive start date.

“The unit is going to roll out — the [police] commissioner will give you the exact date, but let’s be clear, without the unit in place executing now, we are still removing hundreds of guns off the streets, because there is an operation that is in place and that will continue to be in place,” Adams.

Let’s just say Adams stance on crime has been to take a knee since he enterrf office in January. Lots of talk, with little results. He and his Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, who has been MIA for about a month, better have a concrete plan to turn around this latest crime wave or else lose any idea of an economic turnaround for the city.


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