Gov. Hochul needs to realize the office is a TV show, not where I work

Gov. Kathy Hochul sees the writing on the wall and can’t do much about it.

In a address to business leaders the NY governor acknowledged that the 5-day a week commute to work may be over. But she is still pleading with industry to come back to the office.

“It may never be a five-day week again,” said Hochul.

“It may be four days with flexibility. It may be three and a half,” she said following an event in Harlem on Tuesday.

“People staying home now are missing a state comeback,” she said.

Unfortunately for Hochul, the people staying home to work are a lot safer that the people forced to commute to work. In fact no one is missing a state comeback because there isn’t one happening right now.

Why would Hochul or any other politician care or opine on where I work?

Perhaps if they did not want to defund the police and then back bail reform while issuing diktats on mask and vaccine mandates, you cannot criticize me for not commuting to worn-torn Manhattan.

Perhaps Gov. Hochul should look at the crime this week of a man smearing feces on a woman’s face and hair on the subway as an indication of where the city is headed. The criminal was released without bail and is roaming the streets again.

This shit — excuse the pun — has to stop before any politician can implore me to go back to the office.

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