In Mayor Adams 1st hundred days: soaring crime numbers

It’s the cornerstone of NYC tourism and office workers yet crime in Midtown is soaring over the higher levels from last year.

Murders and rapes are up 33% and 34% respectfully. Robberies jumped 60%, while grand larcenies soared 74% and burglaries are up 45% from 2021 levels, which were higher that 2020 levels.

The results are from the Midtown South precinct, the 14-block stretch from 30th to 44th streets between Ninth and Madison avenues, has been hit with a 51% surge in crime this year versus the same period a year ago, according to police data.

The area contains high-end shopping, large office buildings and most of Times Square as well as the two major railroad stations delivering commuters from the suburbs.

To see these numbers jump year-over-year has many workers questioning their safety if they come back to Midtown jobs.

In Mayor Eric Adams first 100 days in office serious crime and shootings saw according to NYPD data show a 37 percent increase citywide, in a Wednesday release.

Comparing crime stats with pre-pandemic, 2019 levels, vehicle thefts in March 2022 are up 107%, shootings increased 69%, grand larceny spiked 26%, felony assault is up 22.5% and robberies saw a 37% uptick. 

This is what happens when progressive politicians including ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed for defunding the police.


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