Juneteenth didn’t end slavery in NYC

NYC Mayor Eric Adams may not be able to stop the horde of minority killings in the city, but he is still going for broke with woke.

The second Black mayor in NYC’s history announced on Monday that Juneteenth — a commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States — is now an official city holiday.

“I know that I stand on the shoulders of countless heroes and sheroes who put their lives on the line to secure a more perfect union,” he said in a statement. “Now is the time for me to do a small part and recognize one of our nation’s greatest wrongs.”

The move comes after Congress last year passed a law designating Juneteenth, which falls on June 19, as a federal holiday. A day later, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that Juneteenth would be an official holiday in the Empire State.

The fact that Adams now oversees the largest “plantation” on Earth called the NYC Public Housing Authority — where minority families have little chance of advancement and face horrific crimes daily — only makes this token announcement more of a joke.

Instead of pointing out the “heroes and sheroes” why not work to provide real opportunities for minority families in public housing through better education choices and job training programs? Why not actively recruit younger people for city jobs when a test is coming up for Sanitation, Fireman and Police as a way to provide economic advancement?

“Juneteenth is a time for reflection, assessment, and self-improvement. People across the country of all races, nationalities, and religions unite on this day to truthfully acknowledge the stain of slavery and celebrate the countless contributions of Black Americans,” said the mayor in the Monday morning press release. “It’s time for our city to finally do what’s right and officially designate Juneteenth as a city holiday.”

“This decision is long overdue, which is why it will immediately take effect this year,” he added. “Holding a mirror to our nation’s past atrocities is never easy, but it is necessary.”

No, I guess it’s much easier to get on his soap box and issue a press release on a superficial answer to a decades-long problem and not have to answer questions since he is quarantined for having CoVid.

Why offer a path off of the “plantation” when there are billions of dollars flowing in from the federal and state governments with an entrenched bureaucracy not willing to change anything in public housing.

So don’t look for a grand announcement this June 19th on how to solve all the problems facing the Black community. Eh that will not happen, because the Mayor is off that day, now.


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