Subway shooting just a footnote on NYC’s Tuesday gun play

While the wild scene on a Brooklyn subway platform Tuesday morning grabbed the city’s attention there was no one killed, yet on a warm spring evening three people were killed elsewhere in the city and 12 were injured in shootings.

This is where NYC is right now.

Mentally ill people like alleged shooter Frank James can create havoc for morning commuters by setting off smoke bombs and firing on people in a subway car, yet a dozen New Yorkers have their lives changed in The Bronx and Brooklyn over night because of random shootings.

While Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul raced to the microphones Tuesday morning to decry the subway shootings, no one is talking about the random gun violence that happen later in the day as warmer temperatures arrived.

As one NYPD cop stationed in Brooklyn put it, “Another nice day. Everybody’s out in the street, and everybody’s getting shot. No one is safe.”

Gov. Hochul said gun violence “has to end, and it ends now,” at the same time as her Lieutenant Governor, Brian Benjamin was being arrested on federal corruption charges.

As a quick aside, It shames me to say that my high school, Archbishop Molloy, did a poor job of educating New York state politicians. Both disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Benjamin graduated from my alma mater.

As three people were shot and killed and a dozen were injured Tuesday, no one has been charged with any of the shootings. Meanwhile Frank James is still roaming the streets as well.

This could be the first year I am not looking forward to warmer weather if this is what NYC will look like this summer.


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