NYC prosecutors, judges nixing gun arrests

What is the point of having new tough gun laws in New York City if prosecutors and judges are just going to let them walk?

In a new report in the New York Post, the paper cites recent arrests made by the NYPD’s Neighborhood Safety Teams only to be released with either no bail or under supervised release.

“The NYPD said the new Neighborhood Safety Teams made 25 gun arrests in their first three weeks since launching in March, but The Post was only able to obtain court records or information for 12 of the cases.

“Of those 12, just one man remains behind bars — meaning 11 of the defendants are back on the street, including the four who were cut loose with no bail. The others had posted bail that was set in their respective cases, The Post reported.

So far this year, shootings are up 10% across the city compared to the same period in 2021, with 354 reports of gunfire — a rate of more than three shootings per day. 

On April 6, Chief of Department Ken Corey said the Neighborhood Safety Teams made 135 arrrests and that 67% of the suspects had a prior arrest record. Of the 25 gun arrests the NYPD said the teams have made, four of the suspects were juveniles, five had open felony cases and seven had been previously convicted of a crime.

Of the 135 total busts, which were for a range of offenses, 91 had prior arrest records, 57 had a prior arrest for a major felony and 21 were on parole or probation.

Yes the Neighborhood Safety Teams are getting guns off the streets with these arrests, but district attorneys and judges are not getting the people off the streets who carry them.

As a result of this lax prosecution we get these horrific headlines over the weekend:

Subway assaults jump by over 50 percent to highest total in 11 months

Woman caught in crossfire between two groups in Manhattan

One killed and another injured in Brooklyn shooting

One man killed, two others wounded in Bronx shooting

2 stabbed, 2 others shot in night of mayhem across New York City

Taco Truck Terror: UWS food vendors robbed at gunpoint

That’s just the news in NYC for over the weekend.

If criminals feel emboldened by the failure of prosecutors, then there will be no end to these headline despite what the NYPD does.

On a sad note, Rest In Peace firefighter Timothy Klein, who died in a ferocious Canarsie house fire on Sunday afternoon.

Eight fellow firefighters were also injured in the blaze.

Prayers for all involved.


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