Gov. Hochul’s future with voters looks bleak

New polls show Gov. Kathy Hochul is about as popular as Covid-19 with voters in New York.

A new poll shows her struggling with voters as she campaigns ahead of the June 28 Democratic primary for governor against challenger Rep. Thomas Suozzi, a Siena College poll says. 

Roughly 40% of Democratic voters said they would vote for her in the November election if she wins the June Democratic primary. However, 45% of voters said they would prefer to vote for someone other than Hochul in November, the Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said in a press release.

The biggest problem most New Yorkers have with Hochul — and rightly so — is bail reform.

“While the original bail reform law is still viewed as bad for the state, 54-34 percent, down a little from 56-30 percent last month, that largely depends on which side of the aisle you sit on,” Greenberg said. “The overwhelming majority of Republicans and independents continue to say the law has been bad for the state, and Democrats, by a narrower but growing margin say the law has been good for New York.”

About 66% of registered voters said they supported changes to the state’s bail reform law that will make it easier for judges to jail defendants for gun crimes, violations of protection orders or multiple appearance tickets, according to the poll.

“Hochul’s overall job performance rating, the worst it’s ever been, is 21 points underwater, after being 11 points underwater last month and just two points underwater at the start of the year. As they have all year, Republicans give her an abysmal job performance rating, while independents also continue to give her a decidedly negative rating. Democrats are still positive, 55-42 percent, although that’s down from 63-33 percent last month,” Greenberg wrote.

The Republican front runner Rep. Lee Zeldin and challenger Andrew Giuliani both barely made a blip on the radar in the poll. Zeldin had a 19% unfavorable rating and 59% of respondents expressed no opinion of his candidacy.

“Only slightly more than one-third of New Yorkers say the state is on the right track, and a similar number say the country is on the right track,” Greenberg concluded.


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