This is not a good image for Mayor Adams

Mayor Eric Adams is now the new host of “Candid Camera,” after telling fellow New Yorkers to take photos of cops standing around on subways staring at their phones.

“You walk downstairs, you see five transit officers standing at the booth looking at their phones,” the mayor griped during a budget briefing at City Hall earlier this week.

“If you see it, send me a picture. Let me know,” he said, “because I’ll go to that district the next day and see exactly what’s happening.”

“Send me a shot. New Yorkers, you see that, send me a photo and I will be at that station.”

“I have been meeting with the chief of the Transit [Bureau] and the police commissioner to talk about better deployment. I want police officers on the train,” said Adams, the former transit cop.

The NYPD union leader raged over the mayor’s call for straphangers to snitch on police officers.

“New York City police officers did not ask for NYPD-issued smartphones — we were ordered to carry and use them,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said in a statement. “Every form we are required to fill out and every alert we receive comes through the phone. If there’s a problem with cops using the phone on duty, NYPD management should change the policies and go back to pen and papers.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul on Wednesday said she could not back the Adams photo op either.

“I’ve got different approaches to public safety,” Hochul said in response to a question on Adams’ crowdsourced disciplinary effort.

“I have confidence in the NYPD to do their jobs, as well as the MTA police officers. I’m grateful for what they do,” she said. “People need a sense of security. There’s multiple ways to accomplish that.”

My perspective — as someone who rides the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn — there are plenty of cops at the Midtown stations, however there are nil in Brooklyn. This is the situation that allowed for 10 people to be shot and an additional 19 injured by the lone gunman on the N train at 36th Street station in Sunset Park on April 12. That’s just one of the countless other gun crimes happening everyday in the outer boroughs.

Perhaps Adams should be asking New Yorkers to capture the problem people on the subways and above ground on their phones, rather than ratting out the NYPD.


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