Adams’ debutante ball appearance speaks volumes on the city

As New York City Mayor Eric Adams prepared for his Met Gala debutante ball, and his Commissioner of Cultural Affairs accepted her wedding proposal on the steps of the museum, the rest of the city burned or was shot.

You could not make up the fact that on Monday afternoon Adams was seen getting a mani/pedi in Washington Heights, steps away from the daytime shooting of a man in his Mercedes in broad daylight the day before.

As Laurie Cumbo accepted NY State Assembly candidate Bobby Digi Olisa’s proposal, ordinary New Yorkers were beaten on subways and/or shot on the streets.

I’m sorry Mayor Adams, but unless you are playing the inept politician in some futuristic “Batman” movie, you cannot take a day off from leading Gotham to get ready for a gala affair, while ordinary citizens are gunned down on the streets.

Please don’t tell us Gotham is back because of your hobnobbing with the elite — many of who flew in and flew out the same night from Teterboro airport.

No Mr. Mayor a few people died on the streets while you and your administrators swilled champagne and projected a “let them eat cake” attitude on Monday night.

The fact that Adams attended the star-studded Gilded Age-themed party with a custom-made suit that pleaded “End Gun Violence,” demonstrates how bad the city has become as a result of gun violence and why the Mayor should not be on the cocktail circuit.

Adams will tell all who will listen that he was there to help New York City recover some of the luster lost under ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. That’s his way of rationalizing his own foiled attempts of quelling the violence in the city.

Please Mayor Adams don’t think you are doing any kind of civic duty by attending the one-time star-studded ball run by Conde Nast’s diva Anna Wintour.

The fact that you and those in your administration were invited probably means that there was not enough private jets landing at Teterboro airport to fill the room because of the continuing havoc on the streets of the city.


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