NY pols take aim at gun violence; misfire

Here is what is so wrong with New York state’s gun laws in one day.

Gov Kathy Hochul signs new laws that will have zero effect on all the illegal guns and Mayor Eric Adams calls Gotham the “laughingstock” of the nation when it comes to the criminal justice system combating gun violence.

Hochul’s signing, while largely a public relations show, will not take any illegal guns off the street. It will restrict legal sales to young men.

There is no mention of illegal guns in the ten new laws signed by the governor on Monday.

Adams for his part said Monday, “No one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. These bad guys no longer take them seriously. They believe our criminal justice system is a laughingstock of our entire country.”

So while Hochul is grandstanding that New York has the toughest gun laws, it really is the most draconian measures against legal gun ownership and will do nothing for the daily shootings we see everyday here in the city.

At least Adams is calling out the city prosecutors who are letting criminals walk without bail for horrible shootings only to repeat the same crimes again.

“And you know what’s interesting? You do a profile, the picture that’s emerging after the shooting, after the arrest, after being let go — You know what they do? They go do another shooting,” Adams said in a press conference on Monday.

“People no longer believe that you can’t do a shooting in the city,” he fumed.

“We have to get serious about this ’cause innocent people are dying,” Adams added.

“I’ve had lawmakers say to me that young people are carrying guns because they feel unsafe and so, it should be understandable that they’re carrying guns. No! No! It’s not understandable. And so, if that’s the philosophy up there, I heard a lawmaker say that ‘if you, if you want to deal with the Rikers issue, just let anybody out.’ I mean, what is the reality here? That is not what New Yorkers want. And so, we’re hoping that they listen to what we have been saying to make our city the safe city that we deserve,” the Mayor retold.

Albany appears to be so out of touch with reality that they believe taking the second amendment rights from people will stem gun violence. The true way to stem gun violence is for the illegal gunman to have to think twice about pulling a gun out because he doesn’t know if the person he is accosting has a gun on him or her.

The example is Texas, where there is little road rage, because everyone carries a gun.

I’ll let the mayor have the last word on this. “Sometimes I just feel with some lawmakers that they’re just not dealing in the reality. Idealism can’t displace realism,” he complained.


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