NYPD’s small victory lap

The NYPD brass was out in force over the weekend touting a fall in gun violence over the last month.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller told reporters that “Our gun arrests are at a 28-year high. We are firing on all cylinders.”

According to figures released Friday, the NYPD recorded 118 shootings in May — down from 172 in 2021. However that tally was significantly higher than the 61 shootings reported in May 2019 before the pandemic.

Another startling stat is that over 2,500 more index crimes — including larcenies, robberies and car break-ins — were reported in May when compared to May 2019, according to the new NYPD statistics.

Meanwhile, grand larcenies rose by more than 42% compared to last year, 4,116 vs. 2,897, while robberies were up 26.2% and burglaries increased by 28.4%.

Miller said that the 2019 state law regarding bail was really hurting the department’s efforts to fight crime saying it’s created “limited consequences” for certain crimes that embolden repeat offenders.

“These are crimes that are largely not bail eligible now,” he said. “If somebody comes in and steals from the same store every day, and walks out and we catch him every day, the judge has no ability to hold him [even if] they know that crime is going to happen again.

“Until the judges have the power to say this person is a hazard to their fellow citizens, we’re the only state in America where a judge can’t cite dangerousness as a reason to keep somebody in [custody],” he added. “We’re going to see those repeat offenders know that consequences can be very limited,” Miller told reporters.

So while the NYPD can take a small victory lap in reducing the recent surge in gun violence in the city, historically we are still in horrible shape when compared to the numbers before “defund the police” became the norm.


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