Adams rocks on, while kids are shot in their homes

Mayor Eric Adams seems to be getting his rocks off on Manhattan’s bedrock, saying it is littered with unique crystals that give out a “special energy.”

Adams said he discovered NYC’s iconic bedrock is comprised of unique gems and minerals and that “there’s a special energy that comes from here.”

Now most New Yorkers believe that Adams should be more concerned with Glocks and not rocks as the much predicted warmer weather has brought soaring levels of broad daylight shootings across the city.

Just ask Tamima Samira, 15, the Queens girl shot in her house while doing her homework on Wednesday night.

Her home in St. Albans was sprayed with 20 bullets as rival gangs met outside her house.

The Bronx Science high schooler was shot in the leg as the bullet came through the front door of the home.

“We make fun of [Mayor] Eric Adams all the time,” she said, referring to her high school debate team. “It’s kind of crazy how he thinks just getting homeless people off the subway will do anything to help the crime rates. It’s hard. There is not much you can do to effectively get rid of these problems.”

The teen said she’s not even shocked that she became a victim, given the city’s soaring crime rate.

“It’s terrible that we can say that we can expect it,” Samira said.

“It’s kind of crazy — because you don’t expect to get shot in the leg sitting at your dining table,” Samira said.

“You might expect to get hit by someone on the subway, maybe even shot, but at your own home while you’re doing English homework at like 11? No, not really.”

Well in Adams’ New York that’s the bedrock vibe he is putting out and it has nothing to do with quartz crystals.


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