Roe v. Wade: The morning after pill that’s hard to swallow

Be very careful for what you pray for, there is sometimes a dark side to the result.

While the Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade, which I totally agree with. There was nothing in the Constitution that allowed abortions. It was only because spineless politicians refused to introduce a law in Congress on the matter, that the High Court was forced to legislate the ruling on flimsy grounds. Abortion should always have been a state law to allow residents to vote over it.

That being said, the SCOTUS ruling has triggered a host of even more draconian abortion regulations in states like New York and California.

These new state laws do not even take into account the viability of the baby. These new laws allow an abortion up to and including the day of birth.

Well as other states initiate laws that will ban abortions, New York is rolling out the welcome mat for all women who want an abortion. So welcoming that we the taxpayers will pay the costs of travel, hospitality and the cost of the abortion.

Yes, upwards of 40 million American woman could wind up with no access to abortions as a result of new laws being initiated as a result of Roe v. Wade being overruled, but with progressive states like New York and California, both desperate for tourism, they will vie for the “abortion capital of the US”.

Here’s a solution that no one wants to talk about. Instead of these progressive pols, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi putting out an email 10 minutes after the ruling to solicit money, or NYC Mayor Eric Adams saying we have to pack the High Court with liberals to combat the conservative majority, what about Congress passing a law on abortion.

Since the situation right now is so chaotic from both sides of the spectrum — outright banning in some states to day of birth in others — there should be a compassionate, well-reasoned bill being put forth to end this nightmare.

While I’m not solidly behind this solution either morally and politically, I really makes the most sense given where the country is now. Unfortunately, neither side of this debate will even mention this solution since it requires commitments and putting yourself in either camp.

It’s far easier to blame former President Donald Trump for naming conservative judges than it is to look to progressive pols to do something positive.

No, legislation will not happen with the midterm elections coming up, which is unfortunate because American women will be the ones who suffer.


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