Dems will use abortion issue in the midterms

How is it that Democrats are never happy despite getting what they want?

They want on-demand abortion with limited restrictions, well the states they control now have that. They will have to work to turn other states around.

They want strict gun control. Well they will have to work even harder for that, because of the Second Amendment and recent Supreme Court ruling.

Yet the progressive politicians will vilify people who hold legal gun licenses, despite the fact that they do not perpetuate almost any of the shootings.

They point to all the shootings in NYC and say it will become the wild West. More than 99% of the shooting in the city are with illegal guns by people who would never get a gun license.

Well of course some Democrats went for the ad hominem attacks against the Supreme Court justices, which shows you they have no argument against the position, so you attack the person.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson took a race-based shot at US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“How’s Uncle Clarence feeling about overturning Loving v. Virginia,” the actor tweeted citing The landmark 1967 “Loving” ruling declaring that state bans on interracial marriages were unconstitutional. Thomas, the court’s only black justice, is married to a white woman.

Of course other quasi-celebrities said they will denounce their citizenship. Still looking for these people to show up on the Canadian citizenship rolls because former President Donald Trump was elected.

Instead of protesting the Supreme Court’s ruling, why aren’t abortion advocates demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bring a bill to Congress?

Because in the last 50 years, Democrats have never brought up an abortion bill. Relying instead on the Supreme Court to do their dirty work.

No, the Democrats will not bring a bill to the hill this time either. They will use this issue as their only sliver of hope in order not to get swamped in the midterm elections. Democrats will run hard on the choice card since they cannot use the economy or safety as wedge issues.

Sad to say but abortion is the only issue that could breathe life into the Democrats in 2022.


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