Adams takes on Biden over migrants

Mayor Eric Adams is looking for the culprits, but he has no evidence.

Adams has charged both Republican governors of Texas and Arizona as well as the Biden administration with shipping migrants to New York City, which is stretching city homelessness resources to the breaking point.

Both Republican leaders Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey have denied bussing migrants to New York. However, as reported widely many flights have landed in the middle of the night in White Plains bringing in migrants of the last few months.

These plane rides are more than likely courtesy of US Department of Homeland Security and its Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In the New York City Council five Republicans and two Democrats — calling themselves the Council’s new “Common-Sense Caucus” — accused federal agencies of unfairly burdening New York taxpayers by fueling efforts to bus and fly more than 2,800 migrants to the Empire State in recent weeks.

New York City is under a “right to shelter” mandate that was established under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. That means that any illegal migrants presenting themselves to the police or other city officials are automatically entitled to a space in a shelter. As opposed to being detained and deported as you might expect in a more sane world. Almost 3,000 asylum seekers have entered the city’s shelter system in the first six months of this year. But that system was already at or near capacity on most nights.

As a result, Adams has been requesting federal assistance to set up additional housing to host the migrants. But it doesn’t sound like he’s getting any tangible aid. When White House Press Secretary Katrine Jean-Pierre was asked about it last week, all she said was the people from Biden’s staff have “been in touch” with the Mayor’s office, but offered no additional details.

You know its getting ugly when Democrats turn on each other just before midterm elections.


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