Homeless vs migrants on Randall’s Island

It took about a week for legal Americans to be outraged over the treatment and the amenities being offered to the newly arrived migrants in the city.

A native New Yorker told of the differences between the homeless shelter he’s been living in on Randall’s Island that’s just 350 yards away from the new immigrant tent city.

“The building I’m in is so f–king awful,” Hines told the New York Post.

“The smell is awful on every floor. The bathrooms are terrible with piss everywhere and s–t everywhere. There are flies in the bathroom. The tents look five times better,” he added.

Hines said he sleeps on “a raggedy bed with a hard mattress” and won’t eat the food that’s served “because that s–t will kill you. Once a month, if I recognize the food, I’ll eat it,” he said. “But you taste some meals and you don’t know what it is,” he charged.

While the migrant camp provides laundry services to the inhabitants, the homeless men must contend with broken washers and dryers in their apartment building where elevators are often broken in the eight-story complex.

Ironically, the building is operated by HELP USA, a nonprofit organization that grew out of one founded by disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and was formerly chaired by his sister, Maria Cuomo Cole.

Mayor Eric Adams has said he was not pitting migrants against homeless American citizens, but it appears that there are favorites by how the city treats each group.

Adams has repeatedly denied that he was favoring the migrants.

Adams has told reporters, “I’m never going to take away the resources that are for those New Yorkers who are in need of services. We’re not doing that, and we should not have to pit against the migrants and non-migrants,” he said.

American citizens or as Adams called them “non-migrants” on Randall’s Island should not be treated like third-class citizens with fewer amenities and rights than newly arrived illegal immigrants as the courts would call them right now.

Adams has been ducking the questions about the Randall’s Island question since it was raised on Tuesday. I assume Adams is petitioning the Biden administration for additional funding for the migrant housing, where the homeless funding is already locked in to existing funding.

More for him, less for thee is the Adams spending plan right now.


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