Adams on subway crime: Blame the messenger

Mayor Eric Adams is now blaming the messenger for the surge in subway crime, not his policies.

Adams says that the news media is playing up the subway crime problem more than it really is.

“We have an average of less than six crimes a day on a subway system with 3.5 million riders,” Adams told CNN’s Chris Wallace.

“But if you write your story based on a narrative, then you’re going to look at the worst of those six crimes and put it on the front pages of your paper every day.”

Hizzoner added: “So, I have to deal with those six crimes a day — felony crimes — and the perception of fear.”

Adams incredible ignored the fact that crime in the subways is up 41% over the same period last year, and serious crime — major felonies — are up even more than that.

Wallace interjected that after Adams was blaming the media for hyping the crime saying, “That’s not perception. That’s reality.”

The former city transit cop said, “But part of that is the perception that every day, those six crimes are being highlighted over and over again,” Adams said.

Adams seems to miss the fact that most New Yorkers have to use the subways to get to work and if he cannot keep them safe, why would they commute since many have an alternative by working remotely.

The Wallace assertion that crime is up in the subways forced Adams to concede that “yes, we have a crime problem that we’re addressing” — before again bashing the messenger again.

The Adams’s assertion of perceived news bias comes after a stabbing incident happen on the upper west side of Manhattan on Thursday night where a couple riding the No. 2 train were attacked.


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