Today is the day to bring NY back from the brink

Well all the discussions about rising crime rates and bail reform are over today.

You have to get the vote out and end the Democratic control of the state.

This vote for governor is so tight that you saw Kathy Hochul bring all her cohorts out in the last few days. Bill and Hillary Clinton along with Joe Biden all made appearances for her.

That would not happen if Hochul was polling stronger in the state. This race is up for grabs.

Be sure that there will be loads of buses at all the public housing projects in Brooklyn and The Bronx offering rides to the polls today.

We can combat that with everyone of us getting to the polling booth and bringing someone else who supports Lee Zeldin.

I believe in the recent polling that some Democrats in the city will cross over to Zeldin just for his stance on crime and bail reform. Hochul has tried to say in the last few days that Zeldin is exaggerating the experience that many people feel is reality when they travel in the city.

This is all she can do because her stance on crime is indefensible and will backfire on her I believe.

Let’s all get the vote out today and bring New York City and the state back to the center where everyone is more comfortable to live.


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