Retailers hire private army to protect Bronx stores

How low has New York City fallen that Mayor Eric Adams is praising Bronx store owners for hiring private security to safeguard their stores?

Hizzoner dubbed the Fordham Road Business District’s new patrol group a “wise strategy” when pressed about the plan Wednesday morning.

When asked by reporters if the move was smart, Adams said “It is a wise strategy, because I say this over and over again, not only must the numbers reflect safety, but people must feel safe.

“People must feel safe and we must make sure that businesses are safe in the city and that’s what the NYPD is doing. But we have a real problem with recidivism in the city,” Adams added.

Adams noted he hosted a major summit on retail theft last month with big name stores like Target and Starbucks in attendance, as well as members of the NYPD, the city’s five district attorneys and state Attorney General Letitia James.

City Hall said a report is expected to be released within the coming weeks detailing a plan for how to stop the shoplifting scourge.

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